Boys Soccer A All Region Win!


The All A boys celebrate their win over Frankfort, which gave them the All A Region Title.

Makenna Hurst, Staff Writer

The boys soccer team recently won the All A Region Championship against Frankfort, 4-3. Although they played with some Covid-19 restrictions, the boys pushed through to a victory.

Kyle Jasper, 12, plays goalie for the team.  He said,”Feels good to get one last all a state run with my brothers.” As it is his last year of being on the LCA team it meant a lot to him and all the other seniors that they won and that they were even able to have a season at all. He is looking forward to continuing with the season, and excited to see where it takes him and his team.

Victories on the field do not just affect the players. Mrs. Jasper, Kyle’s mom responded enthusiastically to the win. “I am just so proud of how hard our boys are playing. They are working hard and playing together and it shows!” Mrs. Jasper has followed Kyle on his soccer journey, but she has never experienced a season like this one. She is so thankful that her son gets to play his final year and pursue what he loves. Along with pursing Jesus.

Junior Andrew Dobbs plays double duty this season as he also is the kicker for the football team. He reflected on his time on the soccer team and what the win means to him.  “This team has given me brothers and friends that I will have even beyond just high school. This All A win allows us to keep playing for each other and advance on in the tournament.” Andrew Dobbs is excited to be able to play both sports at the same time and to be successful in both as well. Andrew is thankful for the opportunity in order to play and advance in the sport that he loves.

Although the tournament is not over yet, the Eagles are the best in the region. They get to advance and compete to be the best in the state. The team play for state on September 26 in Frankfort. Players and fans are praying that they have a successful and injury free season