Senior Students Named National Merit Semifinalists


Lisa Collins

Dr. Koett poses with Joshua Lytle, 12, and Zachary Feller, 12, to celebrate their recognition as National Merit Semifinalists.

Two seniors, Joshua Lytle and Zachary Feller, recently have been recognized as National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists after scoring in the top one percent of 1.6 million students who took the test nationwide. Both students are brilliant in the classroom and outside. They both apart of the LCA boys’ soccer team.

Joshua took the PSAT several times including during freshman, sophomore and junior years, while Zachary only took the test during his junior year along with the rest of his class. Both studied well for the test and prepared vigorously. Joshua even felt information from the ACT carried over to the PSAT and that helped him in many ways while taking the test.

Both students had different reactions when told they were named a semifinalists. Joshua, being his humble self, says, “Yeah, I was pretty surprised I had done so well.” Zachary on the other hand was not surprised, “No, they had predicted the scores for the semifinalist beforehand, and my score was well above the average.” Joshua and Zachary had to wait about a year to officially find out if they made the cut, but they both somewhat expected it after they had viewed their scores.

Neither of them think that this recognition will make anyone think of them differently. Zachary noted, “My friends always call me and Josh nerds anyways, so I don’t think anyone really views me different.” Joshua felt no one saw him any different as well.

The students, teachers and their parents are very proud of both Josh and Zachary. The school is very glad it has such bright students a part of the school.