Reflections on Mask Mania


Makenna Hurst

Senior Emilie Teall does not like wearing a mask all day, but she takes it in stride in order to attend school in person.

As school starts back up, we, sadly, have many restrictions. The most prominent of all is the mask requirement. However, we  all understand why we have to wear them and the rational behind it. I went around the school this week to understand what the students are saying about the masks and how they feel about it overall. As you might expect, some students do not agree with the restrictions put in place for us to be back at school. Emilie Teall, 12, said, “I strongly dislike the masks. I feel that if we are six feet apart there is little to no reason to wear a mask.”  Senior Logan Martin explained, “I wear my mask even though it is annoying. It is tolerable which I can work with.” To be in the type of situation that we are in today causes people to become uncomfortable with the fact that we are required to wear this over our faces all day to just be able to learn.

Students are not the only ones who have to wear masks. Teachers and staff also have the restrictions that they seem willing to endure. English teacher Mr. Piech said, “whatever it takes to be in school, I am willing to do.” This seems to be the same conclusion everyone throughout the school has come to. Nobody necessarily enjoys the fact that we have to wear something on our face for 7 hours, but we are all willing to make the sacrifice to be able to go to school.