The Approval of Fall Sports!


A. Quenemoen

Xavier Brown, 11, carries the ball in last year’s season opener against Moore.

The coronavirus has taken the sports world by storm, and high school sports have not been spared.  The Kentucky High School Athletics Association (KHSAA) has been deliberating whether to permit fall sports to compete. On Thursday August 20, the organization announced that it would allow them to proceed, but noted that the governor could put a halt to fall sports for high school students. Recently Governor Andy Beshear said that he would not interfere with the KHSAA’s decision on sports. Although he did leave it up to each district to decide if it would allow fall sports to happen.

Student-Athletes are extremely excited to get going again, and so are coaches. The varsity volleyball head coach Kirby Willoughby says, “I am thankful that our team gets the opportunity to participate this season. They have worked hard and are ready to play. We don’t take lightly the responsibility to do everything we can to ensure our teams safety, and are thankful that our administration trusts us not protect our team the best way we can allow them to play.” Governor Andy Beshear didn’t just approve fall sports for the private schools, he did it for the public schools as well. Emily Coke a senior soccer player from Fredrick Douglass High School attended a protest for #LetThemPlay, which was designed to influence decision makers to let the fall seasons go forward. She was thrilled by recent announcements. “I am beyond excited! This will be my senior year and the thought of not having a season was very disappointing. My team and I have worked so hard these past couple of weeks and we have taken all the right steps to be cautionary with Covid. But I’m so thankful that they have to what us student athletes have to say! I can’t wait to take on the field with my girls.” Fredrick Douglass, like other Fayette County public schools, decided to go back to school virtually. This means sports is really all Emily has when it comes to being around other athletes. LCA’s athletic department, and especially Athletics Director Terry Johnson, has had to work extremely hard to get the school where it is. Johnson reacted to the news from KHSAA, “I was very happy that our student athletes will get the chance to compete and that he did not over ride the decision made by the organization that has spent a great deal of time working on this situation.” All in all everyone is extremely excited for their season to begin.