Students Return to School In Person and Online

Ms. Riley takes Wyatt Guilliams, 11, temperature on the first day of school. Temperature checks are just one of the new safety requirements in the school.

The first day of school is a memory that can not be forgotten, especially during a pandemic. Students this year had a whole new experience whether online or in person on the first day of school that could have not been predicted. LCA opened up the school on August 19th with some new rules implemented. Masks are now a requirement along with social distancing. Aside from physical changes, LCA has also moved a lot of their learning online. Students had the choice to attend online school learning if they were not comfortable with coming back this semester. 

Five to ten percent of students are learning online and Jaden Hendren, 9 is one of them. “Online school was definitely much different than your typical school day. It was sad not seeing my friends all day, but it is definitely more relaxing. Overall, I would much rather go to school in person but both ways are pretty unique in their own way.” Those who were at school also had a mixed reaction. Aaron White, 11 thought, “The first day was not what we all really expected. It was a very long day with all the new rules and not the same as it usually is.” The students are a main focus in the school but the teachers are also having to adjust. Many teachers are hands on and walk around in the room but now, social distancing has made that come to a stop. Mr. Ray, Junior High Teacher also had thoughts on the new changes. “I was really glad to see all of my new students. I was also ready for it to be over.” 

Despite all the changes that have happened, it is safe to say that after many months being stuck inside that it is a relief to be out again. We are all staying safe while getting to enjoy the social aspect of school that has been missed.