COVID-19 State Update


COVID-19 has been here for a while now. It’s become a part of life that most have come to accept. Closed businesses, stuck at home, wearing masks, and rigorous hand washing all are new routines that have become a way of life. But restrictions are changing, and looking better here in the Bluegrass. As for the numbers of those infected, they’re still relatively low. The total number of cases in the state is at 7,444 currently. As Matthew Maggard, 10, said, “We’re doing well as a state at keeping our numbers down. Hopefully that means things are gonna be opening up soon and going back to normal.” That is what people want:  some sense of normalcy to return.

As for deaths, the numbers are still very low at just  332 deaths state wide. It appears that those who do not have pre-existing conditions are relatively safe, even if they do become infected. Anthony Johns, 10, says, “I think if we just hang in there for a few more weeks we can get stuff back. We just need to be patient, like we’ve been.” He has a point, as Governor Beshear has already told us of the phased reopening soon to come. Next week barbers and restaurants to a 33% capacity are able to open. The week after movie theaters and gyms are set to open. Finally something to do will return. The week after that, youth sports are set to return along with campgrounds. Things are coming back, it’s only a matter of time.