Mother’s Day Quarantined


As COVID-19 has showed us, the virus doesn’t care what it cancels or who it hurts. Americans are not ones to just give up, though. When special occasions, like holidays appear on the calendar, they know show still must go on.  This meant that when Mother’s Day fell during stay at home orders in most states, families still found ways to recognizes the day, even if they had to spent it a little differently.  This year, there were no fancy dinners, picnics, playing at the park, or any other activities involving being in public. As Matthew Maggard, 10, stated, “Things have been different this year, and Mother’s Day was no different. It still had to go on, we just had to find a new way to make it special for our moms. I think it still went well though.” Ultimately, families were happy because the day was spent together, which is all that truly matters. Ben Royse, 10, said, “My mom was still happy on Mother’s Day, no virus would stop that. It was spent together which is what counts.” Families could still purchase flowers, or a nice gift. They could still make a nice meal for their moms to treat her. So overall it wasn’t too much of a problem. Moms were still happy, and the day was still special. Zach Tackett, 10, said, “It was still a good day, it was just a little different this year.” As they say, “The show must go on.”