Online Sales During Quarantine


Elijah Hammond, Staff Writer

Undoubtedly, Americans like to buy things, especially when it’s as simple as the click of a few buttons on the internet. Matthew Maggard, 10, started, “I get stuff online all the time. It’s just super convenient and nowadays stuff can be on your doorstep in 2 days. It’s super simple and helps speed things up.”  With all this time at home online shopping has increased dramatically and the same goes for food delivery services. According to MarTechSeries, “Online sales volumes surged 210% between February 24 and April 15.” A staggering number for sure.

Home improvement also has been a hot topic for many who are sitting in their homes. Therefore sales of home improvement supplies have also seen a significant increase. Anthony Johns, 10, says, “With all this time at home it’s good time to get stuff done.” Many Americans certainly are making good use of the time stuck at home, but they are also paying for it. With the risk associated with the coronavirus and the dramatic increase in demand, some companies have started to increase their costs to repay the stressed workers. There is a price to pay for convenience, but it appears to be one that many consumers are willing to pay. Americans know how to spend some money.