Professional Sports Update


As the COVID-19 rampage shut everything down across the country, sports leagues stood no different. Every one was either postponed or canceled for the 2020 season. However, as some states begin the reopening process, some leagues are determining plans for the return of sports. Starting with the MLB, which probably took the biggest hit of them all as the quarantine orders went into place right as the season was set to begin. As for the owners’ plan of reopening the season, it is not going too well. The MLB owners agreed on an 82 game season starting in July with players seeing massive pay cuts for players. The offer was sent to the players, and they were not pleased. Negotiations are still ongoing, but as of right now, no baseball. Matthew Maggard, 10, says, “I think the players are doing the right thing. They are putting their health on the line for a tiny portion of their actual salary, just to please fans.”

As for the NFL, the league is planning on playing its normal season. The hope is that life will be back to normal by the time football season rolls around. Anthony Johns, 10, said, “I hope nothing weird happens for football season. That’s my favorite time of the year and I don’t want to see it go.” That leaves the last of the three big U.S. pro sports leagues: the NBA.

Not much has been heard about the NBA’s plan to restart the 2020 season. In a pre-COVID world, it would be the heat of the 2020 playoffs, so this league certainly is taking a big hit. The future will tell where sports will be heading during this weird time. Xavier Brown, 10, stated, “I just miss them. I love sports and just want them back.” That’s how the entire country feels right about now.