A COVID Summer


Zach Tackett, Staff Writer

With things looking up for the COVID-19 situation, there are some things that might not be cancelled during this summer to get you out of the house. With retails stores across Kentucky opening on May 20th, you will be able to go shop at your favorite places all summer long. Many stores might also be hiring again after things get up and running it would be the perfect opportunity to try and find a job. Some students have already started to look for jobs, including Sophomore Luke Tipton. He has recently started a job at his local Kroger where he says they are very flexible and understanding with hours and pay. While we may have missed spring sports, you can still do some summer league sports too. There are many recreational leagues in the Lexington area for all kinds of sports. Make sure to hop in one because fall sports might also be cancelled due to a second wave of COVID-19. Many concerts have not been cancelled yet toward the end of July and into August. It would also be a great time to get those in because many have a high chance of being cancelled in the Fall. There will be many concerts at Riverbend in Cincinnati as well as other venues in bordering states and even Louisville. But, make sure to get outside and enjoy your summer after this weird and stressful school semester!