Telehealth Is the New Way to See Your Doctor


59th Medical Wing Public Affairs

Since the coronavirus pandemic has caused pretty much everything to close down and we are not allowed to be less than 6 feet apart, doctors have struggled with finding a safe way to see patients. How are you supposed to give a patient a check up and make sure they are not sick while staying 6 feet apart and keeping everyone else in that building safe? They came up with the idea of telehealth. This way doctors can see the patients without the patients actually leaving the house. It is not anything we are used to, but it does not bring the danger of a patient being sick with corona and giving it to other doctors and patients in that building. If a doctor thinks a patient is sick and needs to be seen, they can stay out in their car and the doctors will go out to them. No one is used to this and it has been a struggle getting used to the new normal, but at least it is keeping everyone safe