Summer Camps at LCA


Note:  As of May 6, 2020, LCA has canceled its Spring Sports Camps.  A decision about camps later in the summer has not been made at this time.

Are summer camps still going to happen with the COVID-19 pandemic? This is a commonly asked question for anyone looking to send their child to a fun, learning experience. Unfortunately, for LCA at least, there is no definite answer, yet. Summer athletic camps have been happening at LCA for years now and help serve our athletic teams, as well as the community. As of right now there are 5 athletic camps set to happen at LCA. A football camp, a soccer camp, two basketball camps depending on grade level, and a volleyball camp. As of right now, Governor Beshear has said youth sports can reopen on June 15. Unfortunately, all LCA athletic camps except for volleyball are scheduled for a date prior to June 15. Sophomore Anthony Johns said this when asked of his hops for summer camps, “I really hope the camps get to happen. I had a blast last year helping out at the football camp and teaching the kids some technique. Hopefully we can find a way to make it happen this year.” Hope, something there is no lack of, is whats driving us forward. The teams need the camps to happen as they help fund team costs, and many young athletes hope for camp to happen as they find it a fun learning opportunity in the sport of their choice. Patrick Duff, 10, said, “We need these camps to happen. It’s super fun helping the kids out, and it’s an important team fundraising opportunity. Most importantly, it’s a chance to show kids Jesus, who may have never heard his love.” That’s the ultimate goal of athletic camps here at LCA, shining the light of God on the next generation, and sharing His testimony. Ben Royse, 10, says, “It’s really cool getting to know the kids over the two-day period of our football camp. We have kids from all over central Kentucky all meeting up for a chance to get better.” Future decisions will determine whether camps will happen or not, so stay tuned.Football - Lexington Christian Academy