Staten Island nurse accused of stealing, using credit cards of dying COVID-19 patient


Mika Maynard, Writer

Police say a nurse who works in a hospital in New York City now faces charges for stealing a credit card of a former COVID-19 patient while they were under her care. The patient’s daughter claims that the credit card was used for gasoline and groceries.

Danielle Conti, 43, has officially been charged with grand larceny, petty larceny and criminal possession of stolen property as a result of using two of Anthony Catapano’s credit cards during his hospitalization in Staten Island University Hospital as a result of contracting the coronavirus, according to the New York Police Department.

Catapano, 70, was hospitalized on April 4 for coronavirus complications, according to his daughter, Tara Catapano. He was in a hazy, lucid state when the alleged theft occurred. Anthony Catapano later died on April 12.

“I was in shock and disbelief,” said Tara Catapano. “Obviously, I knew it had to be a hospital employee because visitors weren’t really allowed.”

Tara Catapano said the police had shown her the surveillance footage from a ShopRite where her father’s card was used. In this footage, Conti appeared to be buying groceries while Tara’s father was “in the hospital, literally fighting for his life.”

The director of public affairs for Staten Island University Hospital, Christian Preston, said that Conti “has been temporarily suspended and faces termination in response to the felony charges.” He also told CNN that the hospital is “working closely with the law enforcement authorities and the hospital is conducting its own investigation.”

An NYPD spokesperson told CNN that Conti has now been issued a desk appearance, or order to appear in Staten Island criminal court, for sometime in September.