It is Time for Churches to Trust God

Multiple Kentucky churches have sued Governor Andy Beshear since he banned all mass gatherings in Kentucky several weeks ago. Folks of those churches believe it is unconstitutional to ban people from gathering in a church. These churches are not big enough to hold online services or collect offerings online, so they are losing money and members. Church members agree that there should be concern for public health. They say that concern should be balanced with the right to gather with those of the same faith.

I believe that these churches are in the wrong. In the Bible, it says to follow the laws of the land. Our God is big enough to reach people in their own homes during this crisis. It is important to keep the citizens of Kentucky safe and listen to what the Governor has said regarding health precautions. If a church is not able to host its own online service, a viable option would be to partner with a larger church who does do online services and send their members to the larger church’s online service. We should trust God to sustain churches that are struggling financially. We are still able to worship God in our homes and that is what we should do.