Delivery Services Help Keep Businesses and Consumers Going

Delivery Services have seen an increase in business since the beginning of quarantine. Since people are not able to go out and purchase items and go on shopping sprees like they normally would, they have ordered and have their purchases delivered to their house. Not only online shopping has helped delivery, but also food delivery services. People have ordered delivery from restaurants through delivery services such as Doordash more than ever. Amazon has had to hire thousands of new workers to help in the factories because of the increase in orders. DoorDash has hired over 10,000 new drivers to help deliver food to people who do not want to go out during this time. Although a lot of businesses have taken a hit during this period of time, delivery services are doing just fine. Freshman Tyler Hall says, “I needed a new pair of basketball shoes last week. Usually I would just go to FootLocker and get myself some, but since it is closed, I ordered them online and they came in a package on my front door.” Stores like FootLocker are not seeing any revenue from stores and have to rely entirely on online sales. Junior Jacob Dixon says, “I order DoorDash every night. Being quarantined is a good excuse to get food delivered. I love it.” Jacob is not the only one who has ordered a lot more food than usual! Luckily, not every corporation in America is struggling, delivery services are still providing jobs and making money.