NHS Blood Drive


With all the restrictions in place due to the coronavirus, the annual blood drive sponsored by National Honor Society has changed.  The club cannot hold the drive in the mezzanine like the have in the past.  Also, they cannot ask students to donate during the school day.  Still, the drive is going on.  Students and their families are encouraged to donate blood at the local Blood Center. 

As with so much in society, the coronavirus pandemic has caused changes in the way people can donate blood.  The Blood Center has had to change its criteria of who can give blood. It has been a little difficult for center to figure out how to be careful and address concerns about how to keep employees and those donating safe from the virus. The center is taking appointments for donations and are asking for everyone to keep their appointments if they can. The center promised they will look after their donors and make sure that everyone stays safe. Those who have the coronavirus or think they have it are being asked to cancel their appointments and not to give blood. For example, if you have a fever of above 100°, runny nose, sneezing, a dry cough, tiredness, sore or aching muscles, or a sore throat, you will be asked to wait 14 days before you reschedule your appointment. Finally, the center is also testing the blood that people have donated to make sure it is safe to be used by others.

The Blood Center reports that even in the midst of the pandemic, they are having plenty of donors. They are extremely grateful to everyone who has helped. 

The NHS blood drive is going on through May 6.  Students who are 16 years old or older may donate.  The club is hoping that its drive will give 30 units of blood to the Blood Center.  For more information or to schedule your donation, you can call (859) 276-2534