School Closed for Good


Dr. Wells recently sent out an e-mail disclosing the information on the remainder of the school year. No one will be going back to school anytime soon. Seniors are done with online work May 8th and the underclassmen are finished May 15th. The entire senior class has been saddened by the current COVID-19 situation. Zeke Grier, 12, said, “This past month or so has been tough. My whole high school career I’ve been excited for the end of the year senior activities. I’ve always wanted to do Sandlot, help out with senior chapel, and go to prom with my best-friends, and none of that looks like it’s going to happen.” Another senior, Chase Widmer said, “Teachers and students always told me, ‘Wait for last semester, it’s the best 4 months of high school.’ It just feels like all that fun has been taken away and replaced with 4 hours of online work.” No is happy about what has occurred this semester, but the seniors are hurt the most. It’s as if memories have been replaced with annoyance. Many can’t even wrap their brain around what all they have missed out on. Even though there are many different point of views, one feeling still remains constant: disappointment.