Pets Find Homes During Quarantine


Animal shelters have been seeing an all time rate of pets being adopted. This is one of the better news stories to come out of the global pandemic.  It appears that right around the time many people were starting to realize they were about to be spending a lot more time at home, the homes suddenly felt very empty. Reports are that sales of new pets have gone up nearly 116 percent.  Students who love pets are glad to see furry friends finding homes. Maya Grasso, 12, said “I am not surprised that sales have gone up as animals are the coolest and greatest thing on the planet and everyone needs one. Dogs make my day and everyone else’s day better.”

Pets, indeed, are very awesome and many can use the company.  Erin Goins, a parent, said “We are a very pet friendly home as we have had dogs all throughout my life and I couldn’t imagine a life without them.” A spokesperson for an animal shelter described the increased interest in adopting pets. “All we knew was that we needed to get as many animals out as possible because we didn’t know how this would affect our staff. We thought we would get 50 applications. We got 5,000.”

Restrictions to “flatten the curve” have hit families hard, but it has been a blessing to many homeless pets.