UPDATE: Andy Beshear announces news for COVID-19


Governor Andy Beshear has been every Kentuckian’s source of official information regarding the COVID-19 situation in Kentucky for the past month and a half. The latest local update for Kentucky was today and refreshed the state-wide statistics of COVID-19. The latest number of  CONFIRMED cases, as of Friday, May 1st are 4,879 total cases. The death toll that includes COVID related cases numbers to 248. With most of those deaths being elderly, the virus hasn’t really devastated younger people. Most of the elderly victims had already had previous health conditions that also led to their death. The number of recovered cases is up to 1,752 as of today. Beshear also announced that the Saturday press/news conference would be called off due to a need of a “mental break.” He said that the next updates will come out Sunday. Governor Beshear is most definitely hard at work since all of this began in Kentucky. School systems have had to fall back on plans that have never been rehearsed at this large of scale. Everyone was caught off guard be all of these changes but we have a great state government that is doing their best to make the smartest decisions for the people’s safety. Sophomore Luke Tipton, 10, has taken advantage of his free time to start working at his local Kroger. Luke says, “They make us wear masks and gloves.” It is safe to say that many places are taking quarantine very seriously even the essential ones. LCA mom Robbie Tackett says that she is, “tired of working at home everyday.” Many other students have expressed their feelings toward quarantine like Elijah Hammond, 10, explains, “I hate that baseball was cancelled and the seniors didn’t get their night to have fun and come together as a team.”