Latest COVID-19 Kentucky News


As COVID-19 has continued it’s rampage across the U.S., it hasn’t forgotten to include the Bluegrass in it’s totals. As of April 27, Kentucky has passed 4,000 cases with a total of 4,074 confirmed cases according to the official Kentucky government COVID-19 website. Of those 4,074 cases, 208 have resulted in death. As a state Kentucky is doing very well at limiting cases compared to many other states. Kentcuky is 30th in total number of cases in the U.S. at the time. Whether that’s because of social distancing guidelines, or rules put in place by the governor is up for debate.

Anthony Johns, 10, thinks “It sucks not being able to see people, but we gotta do what we gotta do. At least we’re not in complete lockdown.” He does have a point, The U.S. as a whole is lucky that we’re not like Spain who is complete shutdown. As Kentuckians we find ourselves in a much better place than California or New York who are also in complete shutdown. Matthew Maggard, 10, stated, “It sucks being in a time like this, but we as Kentuckians are pretty fortunate.”

Last week KHSAA made it official that all spring sports are canceled. This coming as especially hard news for seniors across the state, especially those in search of an athletic scholarship. Athletes are hopeful for the summer to open up athletics, with summer baseball and summer football practices a hot topic. Cole Ginter, 10, had this to say about summer sports, “I really hope they get to happen. I didn’t train for nothing and we should play even if it’s without fans.”

Map showing countries hit hardest by COVID-19 in darker red