NFL Draft: The Quarantine Version


Many Americans stuck at home have been disappointed that they cannot watch professional sports on television. There was no March Madness, there is no Spring baseball, and the NBA season never really got started.  Last week brought a little joy to sports fanatics as the NFL held its annual draft.  The NFL draft is a time for professional teams to draft new players from the college level. This is rewards those players for all the hard work those they put in through college to be able to play professionally. It is so important for the college players because most of them have been dreaming about playing in the NFL since they were kids.

There are three rounds to the draft. In those three rounds, all the teams in the NFL have a chance to pick who they want to be on their team. The first round is where all the top prospects are. This year, the Cincinnati Bengals got to pick first and they selected Joe Burrow from LSU. This year, it was hard to consider him to be the number one pick because there where a lot of great players, but each team chooses players based on what they feel they need for the future. 

Usually the draft is a big event where the teams and prospective players gather together in one place while the names of those chosen are announced.  This year, social distancing prevented that from happening.  Still, there was a lot to celebrate with the players and the team personnel working from home.  Thanks to in-home video, fans got to watch the reactions as each player’s name was called.  It may not be as much action as an actual game, but it was something new to entertain a country confined to their homes.