Kenny Rogers Passes Away


Sheila Herman

Matthew Maggard, Staff Writer

Country music star Kenny Rogers was admitted to a Georgia hospital on May 30. His team released a statement on his behalf that he was being treated for dehydration, and that he would undergo physical therapy and other treatments to regain his strength prior to release from the hospital. This was obviously not the case, as his family released that he died of natural causes in hospice care with his family that he loved so much by his side. His family was always his first priority, which is why he retired in 2017. He said that “his family is his first priority” and that “it is my time to go out.”

He died a country music legend. Known for his husky voice, his music career spanned six decades, and he was inducted into the country music hall of fame in 2013. Throughout his career, he had 24 number one hits and sold more than 50 million albums in the United States alone. He was very popular among the older community, but some younger music listeners knew who he was as well. Sophomore Cole Ginter knew him very well and he said “I love his music and its very sad to see him go.” Nathan Maggard had heard his music and said, “He had a very distinctive voice.”My father, and older citizen said he listened to him and he enjoyed his collaborative songs with Dolly Parton.