AP Testing Changes

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, AP tests have been forced to change their process now. Instead of 20 students going into a room to take a 3 hour hand-written test, they now have to take it online for 45 minutes to an hour. Even though many would think that students would appreciate the time change, students like Jackson Broyles, 12, do not. He explained, “I’ve been taking AP tests the past 4 years of high school, and I have always liked to use a pencil and paper to take a test. I just think more clearly, and I feel like I perform better. Having the test online will also make a higher score not feel as satisfying since students are able to cheat way more easily.” Other students, such as Chase Widmer, 12, likes the change in platform. “I hate taking tests for a long time. It takes up my entire day. I like how I can log in to my computer, and get it done in and hour and go back to playing Fortnite all day.” There are two different options on the new changes to the AP exams, but no matter what thousands of students will be taking the tests the next couple weeks whether they like it or not.