An International Addition to the Senior Class


Philippe-Andre N’dia is one of two new additions to this year’s 2020 graduating class. But his story differs from almost every transfer in the school’s history. Phillipe was born in Lexington. He lived here and attended elementary school here. Right before the beginning of fifth grade, Philippe and his family moved to the Ivory Coast in West Africa. Philippe attended an international school in the capital city, Abidjan. He spent fifth through eleventh grade there. He played on the soccer and basketball team for his school. After finishing his junior year in Ivory Coast, Philippe and his family first considered moving Philippe to America to finish high school and go to college. In the summer, the N’dia family came back for their annual trip to the U.S. While they were here, they visited LCA for the first time. They loved the facilities and the people they saw here. After weeks of praying and thinking, they decided it would be best for Philippe to attend LCA for his senior year. He and his mom, Rudo, moved back to Lexington. They left his father and brother behind in Africa. “There were lots of sacrifices made,” says Philippe, “but I am very thankful for my family and the support they have given me. It was the best decision I could have made for my future.” We are so thankful Philippe has chosen to be part of the LCA family.