TV Shows to Help Pass the Time

TV Shows to Help Pass the Time

Geoffrey Chandler,

With the school building being closed and students moving to online school, there is a lot more time to fill. One way that many students have found to entertain themselves and to pass the time is watching TV. Every day at 5:00 pm, the governor gives a coronavirus report. Most students and families have found themselves watching this report every day. Mia Bond, 10 said “my family keeps the TV on 5 to 6 and every single day and we watch the report the governor gives us to see how many more cases there are and how much longer he thinks this is going to last.”

Other than the 5 o’clock news other students find themselves on Netflix a lot. Many shows like Friends, The Office, and other sitcoms like those have been known to help with anxiety. During times like these where so much is unknown and many have been anxious, it can be comforting to have a good, familiar show to watch. Kayla Corbin, 10, remarked, “I love Friends. It is my favorite show and it has really helped me this break.”

The Hallmark Channel has indicated that they are going to start showing Christmas movies during this time when people are trying to “stay healthy at home.” These Christmas movies are entertainment the whole family can enjoy, and many look forward to them every Christmas season. They bring a lot of people happiness and Hallmark is hoping that bringing these movies back will make people more happy. Taylor Prince, 10 said “One of my favorite things about Christmas is the Hallmark Christmas movies and when I heard they were coming back on during this break I got really excited. I can’t wait to watch them all day”. 

With so many spending their Spring Breaks at home, television shows can provide an escape to help make the time more beareable.