Community service during Shutdown


It has been hard for many students to get their service hours for this semester or for any student that enjoys helping those in need during this break. With many businesses being shutdown and school being closed, how can you help out in a safe way?

Keeping social distancing in mind, many students have continued their lawn mowing and yard care businesses. It is possible to get hours and help out by mowing lawns for people that are unable to do it themselves. Instead of charging them $50 dollars, students can do it out of the kindness of their own hearts. Also, students and families can give canned goods and other food to God’s Pantry. The food bank has received many more customers since the virus outbreak and are in need of food more than anything. Joni Abrahamson, a teacher at LCA, explains why her family is trying to help others.  “Right now is a time where God’s love needs to be shown to everyone since a lot of people are hurting. By giving canned goods, we help further a great cause that can help extend God’s kingdom while helping those in need.” Another idea for older students wanting to help others is to virtually tutor a student in need. This might be hard to monitor, so students might need both parents to sign off on it, but Facetiming a student who needs help doing online work for free is a great way to make use of time being quarantined and getting your Beta Club or NHS hours.