Streaming Services to Get You Through the COVID-19 Break


With all nonessential businesses and companies closed for a while, most people have a ton of time on their hands. You may be getting bored sitting around the house, but streaming service companies got you covered. With the wide range of content to watch online, there’s something for everyone across the vast world of streaming. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular services.

Netflix has over 140 million hours of content to keep you occupied for days on end. The service offers TV shows, originals, and some popular movies. Netflix is by far the most popular streaming service with around 26% of the streaming traffic coming from their users.

While Netflix is a fantastic option, maybe you want to take it back to your childhood with some kids movies and shows. Disney Plus offers over 500 films from the original Disney movies to the new hits. The site also has over 7,000 TV episodes to watch. My personal favorite and a popular show in the Star Wars community is the Mandalorian. Sophomore Luke Tipton says the Mandalorian is “pretty good.” It is an action-packed Star Wars TV show that will entertain just about anyone. Even my dad says, “It was surprisingly really good. I would like to watch another season soon.” Disney Plus can be enjoyed by everyone in the house, including your parents.

If you have Amazon Prime, you automatically get a bunch of TV shows that are exclusive to Amazon. One of the most anticipated and popular shows on Amazon is Jack Ryan with the infamous John Krasinski. There are 16 episodes packed with awesome scenes and great action. “I really like how John played Jack Ryan. He’s perfect for the role,” says LCA mom Robbie Tackett.

If these don’t grab you, there are many more options.  HULU and HULU Plus offer content similar to Netflix, with movies, series, and original content.  This site also offers sports, when they are being played.  The networks also have their own sites.  Currently CBS All Access is offering free access for a limited time.  For fans of British shows that usually appear on PBS, there is BritBox. All in all, in these days of digital content, there is something for everyone.