Student Workers Affected by Closings

All schools in Kentucky and those in other states have been shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Obviously, this shutdown is affecting a lot of students, faculty and parents. But more specifically, it is affecting students with jobs. School takes up a large part of students’ time.  With that being out of the way, it leaves a lot more time for students to work their jobs. This could lead to them getting paid more and moving up in their work place.  However,  the shutdowns due to the coronavirus did not just stopped with schools. Many companies have closed as well. Any businesses that are deemed essential are the only ones staying open. Drew Long, 12, worked at Drake’s, a popular restaurant, but it was not deemed essential and it had to close. Drew lost his job. Jackson Crook, 11, who works at Mezzo’s did not lose his job, but his hours have been greatly reduced. This is happening to many stores that attract young high school and college students such as restaurants, mall, clothing stores, etc.  Any student working in grocery stores are lucky enough to still have their jobs because it is deemed essential. Even though they are still open for business they are closing earlier which is taking hours away from the workers and causing a decrease in paychecks.