Personal Reflections on Social Distancing


Hilary Perkins,

Students have mixed feelings about being out of school.

So, the past couple of weeks have been chaotic because of the COVID-19 outbreak. During this time, I have been stuck in the house thinking about how I just want to get back to school. I want to be with my teachers and peers with whom I have developed a relationship with during these past 4 years. The only way I have been able to talk to them is through text because people aren’t allowed to leave the house and they want us to have social distance. So I have talked to multiple students at our school getting to know how they feel about this current situation. The first person I talked to was Akasha Mullis, who is a senior. She said she thinks it is a good call to keep us separated, because while we might not get the virus, we could carry it and give to people who have weaker immune systems. Also with closing school it will help the doctors to help contain the virus so it will not spread even more than it has. The next person I talked to was Will Vernon, a junior. He said he is glad that we are out of school but he also hates that he has to stay in the house the whole time. He thinks all the closings are a good idea, so no one can get sick. The last person I talked to was my little sister who is 8th grade. She said she is glad that we are staying home because she doesn’t like be at school. The only thing that she hates is the online school work.