Video Games and Things To Pass The Time at Home


Video games are a popular way to spend the time indoors.

With school being cancelled the last two weeks and all the way until April 20th, students are scrambling to find something to do in their free time. Many are taking this extra time to sleep, but many others are looking for entertainment through video games. Games such as Madden 20, NBA 2k20, Fortnite, and Call of Duty are seeing extra players and more participation in their games, because most people are confined to their homes and are looking for something to occupy their time. Sophomore Mac Crosbie said, “I am very bored during the break and have been resorting to playing some Fortnite with the boys.” Sophomore Conner Maggard has been playing a lot of Madden over the break. When I asked him about it he said “I have been getting a lot better, and I have nothing else to do so why not play some video games.”

Cole Ginter, 1o, has been taking a different approach to the break and has been watching a lot of HULU. When I asked him about it he said that it “is a great use of my time.” Regardless of how students spend their break, everyone can agree that it is a time of boredom, and everybody wants this pandemic to go away as soon as possible.