The Building May Close, but School Goes On


Patrick Duff stays up with his classes while working from home.

Students will not be taking a vacation during this two week break due to COVID-19. Instead, each student will have an assignment from every teacher to complete daily. Using Canvas, each teacher is able to put their assignments online, and each student is able to complete the work and turn it in using the site. Senior Chase Widmer says, “Thankfully the workload has not been too much.”
While Chase has a good attitude about the online work, seniors are disappointed about  missing out on the best part of high school. Senior Jacob Goins says, “I miss seeing my friends and teachers everyday.” Homeschool is misery for a lot of the students. Junior Nathan Hall says, “I’ve done more work online in a day than at school in a week.” There has been mixed reactions from the students, but a large portion has been negative. We pray that our country heals soon enough to return to school.