COVID-19 and the Lax Season


The lacrosse team weathered snow and cold temperatures for their first game. Players intend to weather the current delay in their season as well.

As almost everyone knows, COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) has been sweeping the world off its feet these past few weeks. This has closed schools as well as school sports. KHSAA has halted all sports up until April 6. This is when students are expecting to go back to school. Most believe that due to the growing threat of the virus, they could be out for longer. “There is a good chance you won’t be going back this year,” says LCA mom Robbie Tackett.

While high school lacrosse isn’t apart of KHSAA, it is undergoing the same treatment. Organizers have not yet cancelled the season, but with the higher probability of schools closing for the rest of the year, this could be it for the season. Despite this, the lacrosse team is not giving up yet. Sophomore defender Conner Maggard says, “Most teams are gonna get lazy over this break, so if we work, we will have the edge coming back.” The team will be working hard in their off time to retain the skills needed to win if they do come back. Little has been revealed about what decision authorities will make about the school year and the lacrosse season.  For this reason, all the students need to worry about is staying safe and doing online work. For those who play sports, it is recommended to get outside a little bit but not in crowded areas. Our athletes are some of the most strongest in Kentucky, so there is no doubt we will come back strong. Sophomore Luke Tipton exclaims, “I think we will come back as a solid team and dominate!”