Friendship Week

Instead of going to New York, Aaron Abrahamson, Jacob Goins, Zeke Grier, and Chase Widmer decided to have some fun in Lexington. The four improvised a plan to stay at each other’s houses the whole week and call it Friendship Week. The week was meant to just be focused on the boys having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

To kick it all off, on Sunday night they spend the night at Jacob Goins’ house. The night consisted of pizza and Fortnite. The boys spent hours just having fun and eating good food. On Tuesday night, it was Zeke Grier’s turn to host the fun. Instead of spending hours playing video games, Aaron Abrahamson and Chase Widmer went head-to-head on their own versos of ‘Chopped.’ Their goal was to make a cookie dish with the time allotted. Aaron Abrahamson came out with the win as it looked like Chase had never even seen how a cookie was made. The night ended at Steak and Shake, and the next house was Aaron’s.

There, the boys were more active. They started by going out and playing 2×2 football. Jacob Goins and Zeke Grier came out on top. Next, the boys went to the Richmond Little League baseball park for some batting practice in order to prepare for Sandlot. Finally, the boys finished they big week at Chase Widmer’s house. Aaron Abrahamson battled Zeke Grier in another edition of ‘Chopped.’ This time, it didn’t end so well and neither of their dishes were edible. The boys finished off the night with a movie and some basketball. Friendship week was a great success.