Season Over in Nail-biter

In their district semifinal game, the Eagles went to play Tates Creek on their home court. The game started off at a very high pace which determined how the rest of the game was going to go. Tates Creek controlled momentum most of the game due to their home crowd and their comfort of playing on their home court. With two minutes to go, the game was tied, Tates Creek had the ball and held it until the ten second mark. One of their players drove in and missed a lay up, but a late foul was called. Tates Creek had two free throws with 3 seconds left. First one, good. Second one, good. Eagles down two. After a time out, the ball is in-bounded to Walton who then drives the length of the court, throws up a prayer, but is fouled. The Eagles are back in it. Their undisputed best player at the line. Two shots, down by two, the Eagles felt hope. First shot, money. Timeout. Walton walks up to the line, the entire gym going crazy, the sophomore puts up the shot, it looks good. The shot goes in, but then rolls out. Game over. Tates Creek wins 54-55, putting an end to the Eagles’ year.