Record Broken in Final Regular Season Game

The Eagles traveled to take on Bryan Station in their last regular season game of the year. The game didn’t have much riding on it since it wasn’t a district game, but both teams still gave it their all. Both teams like to shoot the three so it was an anticipated shoot out.  The Eagles started off the game hot and ended the game hot, but their opponent did not back down. It seemed as if the Eagles hit every shot they threw up, and Bryan Station had no answer. Before the half, the Eagles in-bounded the ball for the last shot, with 3 seconds left the ball was in Abrahamson’s hands. From the volleyball line, he shot it, the buzzer sounded, nothing but net. No one knew the significance of that shot until the end of the game when Coach Hall announced that shot broke the single season three point record at LCA. Walton and Abrahamson controlled the game, finishing with 25 and 20. The Eagles won in a statement win,  66-58, to end the year.