Eagles on Fire

The boys faced a tougher week than usual to start off their February. On Tuesday, they went to war against district rival, Lafayette, led by 6’10 big man Ray Surrat. No district game comes easy, but the Eagles took care of business. They got off to a hot start in the first quarter and used an early 1o point lead to boost them for the remainder of the night. Lafayette never had the chance to regain momentum due to the Eagles’ tenacity on defense. The final score: LCA-66, Lafayette- 55. Walton finished with 20, Grier with 12, Abrahamson with 11.

On Saturday the boys drove up to Louisville to take on a great program at the Christian Academy of Louisville. The Eagles started off a little cold in the first quarter, but in the second they caught fire. For the rest of the game it seemed as if they could not miss. ┬áTheir opponent had no response to the Eagles’ blazing offense which resulted in a major blowout. Walton and Abrahamson led the charge in this victory. The sophomore had 29 and the senior finished the game with 21.