Covid-19 Pandemic Effects on LCA Baseball


The fun of baseball season has been put on hold for now. Players hope to be able to take the field after April 16.

Friday March 13 was the last day that students will report to class until a three week period has transpired. This will be a good time to catch up on sleep, and students and teachers will be given the task of conducting school online. Many are excited about the break, while others are dreading the period of isolation. Sophomore Conner Maggard has a split view on the topic. He says, “I am glad we get some time off, but after a few days it is going to get really boring, and I will miss my friends.” As for baseball, the KHSAA has ordered a dead period that will last until April 12. That means that there can be no practice, and players can not be around the team or their coaches through this period. Sophomore baseball player Grayson Collins was very sad about the news. He said “I just want to play. The team has worked so hard this off-season and we all just want to showcase our skills.” Sophomore Elijah Hammond felt the same way. “I don’t know what I am going to do for the following weeks without baseball.” As of now, the season will resume after April 12th, and nobody is sure what will happen after that.