Students Brave the Cold for the Walk for Warmth


Members of the basketball team joined other students in the Walk for Warmth to raise money for the Lexington Rescue Mission.

The Lexington Walk for Warmth was held on the sunny, but cold morning of February 22. Several students participated in the charity event, including members of the service club and the entire basketball team. Each walker donated thirty dollars to help combat homelessness in Lexington. The walk was hosted by the Lexington Rescue Mission and attracted more than 350 walkers. It focused on keeping homeless people warm in the winter, hence the name Walk for Warmth. Each participant got a free shirt, donuts, muffins, coffee, and water. The two mile walk around downtown Lexington began at 10 am and lasted for a mere 50 minutes. It was a great time for the students who invested part of their day to help the community. Senior Jacob Goins attended the event and said this, “It felt great to give back to Lexington and more importantly to God, while also having a good time and enjoying myself with my teammates.”

The event raised more than $20,000. The Lexington Rescue Mission’ will use the money in its Homeless Intervention Program. This program provides housing counseling and the first month’s rent so that homeless people can move into a home. The organization estimates that they can place 40 families with the money raised in the walk.