Superbowl Provides Exciting Ending


Anthony Quintano

Super Bowl LIV consisted of great comebacks, hard hits and a lot of celebrating as it did not disappoint. The Chiefs beat the 49ers in a close one: 31-20 and celebrated their first super bowl in 50 years. The 49ers had a 20-10 lead with seven minutes to play but that did not stop the Chiefs from scoring 21 straight and bringing Kansas City a Super Bowl title.

Many people students attended Super Bowl watch parties and enjoyed a good time with family, friends, football, and food. Drew Goins an 8th grader that attends LCA stated, “I do not really enjoy watching football but the Super Bowl is the one time of the year where I know for sure I get to spend time with family and friends.” Ethan Gamble, 12, also chimed in on the Super Bowl with some regret. “Even though the Patriots did not make it, I always enjoy watching the game.”

Super Bowl LIV was one of the most viewed Super Bowls of all time, and it expects to keep growing every year. Justin Greene, 12, summed up another reason people tune in to the big game: the Super Bowl ads. “That is my favorite part of the Super Bowl.” This year, the ads cost around $5.6 million for 30 seconds.