“Fantasy Island” Teaches to Be Careful What You Wish For


Almost everyone has dreamed about having their biggest fantasies come true. Hollywood helped bring these dreams to life with the movie Fantasy Island. Based on the former television show of the same name, the movie features an island resort operated by the accommodating Mr. Roarke. During the movie, five randomly selected guests get to have their wildest fantasies come true. At first, each one thinks this is the best thing to happen to them, but they soon come to realize it is their worst nightmare. The guests come together and try to fight the island’s magic together. 

The movie starts out with the group of guests arriving on the island. They have all heard of the magic this island possesses, but none of them are quite prepared for what the magic has to offer. Each of them get to live out one fantasy and one fantasy only. The one rule is whatever wish you choose, you have to live it out all the way. None of guests knows how important this one rule will be until it is too late. 

This movie was released on February 14 and lasts two hours and thirty six minutes. Fantasy Island is rated pg.13. I would recommend this movie for kids ages 12 and up. Mia Bond, 10 said, “ it was exciting, but confusing at the same time.” The movie was worth going out of your way to see, but it is definitely not worthy of seeing it a second time, nor is it likely to become your all time favorite movie. I would give this movie 2 out of 5 stars