New Course Offerings Available for Next Year


Jon Crel,

Forensics is just one of the new courses being offered to students next year.

There are three new classes that are being offered for students next year. This is a big step for the high school, showing its expansion of electives available to students. The three new classes are Forensics, Drama, and Jazz Band. Drama and Jazz Band were previously only options as after-school clubs. These new classes accommodate students who were not able to stay after school to go to those clubs. Forensics is being offered by Mr. Cross. Mr. Cross formerly worked with law enforcement in a forensics lab. His professional background, experience, and knowledge will cater well to kids interested in going into a field such as Forensics. Sophomore Daniel Seamands has this to say about the new classes: “While I may not have any interest in these classes, I am still proud that my school is expanding opportunities for its students.”  The three courses will be offered on the course selection sheet given to Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors.