Climbing the Walls with Art

Sitting above the one hundred hallway, one of the plastic people created by Mrs. Cranfill’s art class keeps an eye on students.

When you walk into LCA this week, there may be a few things that catch your eye. One could be the amazing students we have walking around. Or the caring teachers on staff. More specifically this week though, you will see people climbing on the walls. Not real people however! These “people” climbing the walls and ceilings are actually made of plastic, despite their real appearance. They were created by Mrs. Cranfill’s art class. Around 5 lifelike, plastic bodies can be seen scaling the school walls. They are surprising to see at first, however after closer examination someone could tell that this creation is the work of a very talented sculptor. Freshman Tyler Hall says, “I was very frightened by the wall-climber. But they’re actually pretty cool when you start to look closer at them.” These plastic models are just one example of the talented artists we have at LCA.