XFL Brings New Options for Football Lovers

Almost everyone in the world has known about football for many years. It is a game that people start playing at a very young age. Pee Wee football is for the kids who are around the age of three. The minors are for kids between the ages of 9-10.  Middle school ball comes after that. At that age, talented players can also be on a travel team with others in their age range. After the middle school comes high school ball. Those who excel in high school can go on to play in college.. The most talented college players go on to play professionally. Traditionally, that has meant the National Football League (NFL). Now, there is another option in the U.S.: the XFL.

The XFL was created by Vince McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment. This league was founded in 2018. There are only 8 teams in the organization. The president of the league is Jeffrey Pollack. The XFL has many more and different rules than the NFL. Some of these rules are designed to keep the player to be safer in this game.  The league came about because of the love people have for the game. It provides a place the players who did not make it to the NFL, or for those who left the NFL, but still want to play.