Serge Melki, Creative Commons License

Students took advantage of the sick days to tackle the slopes at Perfect North.

Last week Lexington Christian Academy was closed due to illness. During this long needed break the students also got to experience some snow. It snowed at least two inches in Lexington and this was the first sizeable snow of the year. People could do various snow activities such as sledding, drinking hot chocolate, and spending quality time at home enjoying the ambiance that the weather brings about. Several students went to Perfect Porth slopes over the long weekend to enjoy the snow by tubing, skiing, and snowboarding. One of the perfect north slope goers was Zach Tackett, 10. When asked about the subject he said “I had a great time at Perfect North slopes. I snowboarded all day and had lots of fun. This was a great break from the normal swing of things, and I was very excited to enjoy the long weekend.” Sophmore Luke Tipton also enjoyed the snow and long weekend at Perfect North. He said “I had a lot of fun shredding some slopes with the boys, it was way better than being in Lexington.” Senior Nathan Maggard did absolutely nothing during the break. He said “I simply just stayed home and drank coffee and tea, looked out the window and watched television. This was a great time to take a load off and relax.” No matter how each student spent the break, all the students enjoyed the break as well as the snow outside, and were recharged on Monday ready for peak school performance and ready for a new week.