Kobe’s Death Give Students Pause


Luke Harold, Creative Commons License

The death of Kobe Bryant prompts an outpouring of grief around the world.

Kobe Bryant has recently passed away and it has affected not only his family and the people who knew him but also the basketball community and the entire world. Many would say that not only was Kobe Bryant one of the best to ever play basketball, he was also a great man and an outstanding father. He always wanted to make people better and would go to every extent to make sure he gets them there.

At LCA, Kobe’s passing has taken a huge toll on many people at it really shows. Matthew Potter, 11,  says “Kobe Bryant was my hero and he is the sole reason why I play basketball and with him passing away I feel so heartbroken.” Knowing Kobe was taken too early makes the death even worse as he was only 41. Daniel Seamands, 10, expressed the effect Kobe’s death had on him. He said that it really makes him think about life differently, as even heroes can die. Sometimes when we think of big-time people, we think of them as immortal and untouchable, but the tragic events of the last few weeks have been eye-opening. Senior Micheal Navis summed up what many students feel. He explained that Kobe was one of his role models and he can’t believe he has passed.” The death of Kobe shows that they are more than just athletes…