Bonjour French Club


The French club makes crepes before school. Ellie McCallum, 10, Hadley Whipple, 10, and Emily Howell, 11.

French teachers Madam Treesh and Dr. Fults decided to spread French culture in the high school by adding a new club, French Club. They want to get more people involved in French, so the club is open to students who take French and those who don’t take French. Most students who are in the club are already in French class and they are hoping this will change soon. Mia Bond, 10, “There haven’t been many meetings yet, but the meetings so far have been so much fun”. 

       At the first meeting, students learned how to make crepes and the next day they sold them to make money for the club. Kayla Corbin, 10, said, “I haven’t been to any of the meetings yet but I did try the crepes and those were delicious and definitely a great way to make money.” Most meetings will be in the mornings before school and some may be after school. The days will vary. Taylor Prince, 10, “I hope more people will want to join the club and word will spread of all the fun we have.” French club is definitely not going to be some boring club where all you do is learn French, instead Madam Treesh and Dr. Fults want to teach students about French culture by showing them authentic foods and movies in French and all the fun things that come with French culture.