Coronavirus: UPDATE

Image by Gerd Altmann on Pixaby

The Coronavirus has been a major talking point in the media and it keeps climbing to the top of headlines. This week the death tolls have reached 910 globally with over 40,000 confirmed cases. China specifically has been impacted the most as it is the  origin of the virus. Chinese officials have called for an extension to the nationwide celebration of the Lunar New Year to let the virus get into quarantine. In many cities in China, officials have issued strict quarantine along with businesses encouraging workers to work remotely. While businesses are starting to crank back into routine, it seems like China is getting back into the flow of things as a country. While this looks like a good thing, this might cause problems if quarantine doesn’t work. China’s factories and offices are very crowded and the country already having a population density of  375 people per square mile. Many organizations have donated money toward the development of treatment, isolation and detection of the virus. Bill and Melinda Gates said they would donate $20 million up front along with further donations through their organization. They hope to speed up the international response to this new virus and slow down the spread and development of it. They hope to donate at least a total of $100 million toward the cause with donations going to the US and Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Rumors have also been going around about the Chinese government covering up the true number of victims but none of them have been confirmed. More information surfaces every week so we’ll see what transpires from this pandemic.