Super Bowl Commercial Highlights

Anthony Quintano, Creative Commons License

The Super Bowl is recognized as the most watched sporting event in the United States. Americans and people across the globe sit down on their couches, grab classic foods such as wings and pizza, and take in the biggest game of the year. Not only do people pay attention to the game, but rather than check their phones or tune out during the game, people are intently watching the commercials. These commercials are so important that companies will pay millions of dollars for a 30 second to one minute ad. One of these ads that caught my attention was the Weather Tech ad. The owner of Weather Tech’s dog was saved from cancer, and in appreciation he included a promotion for the research company that helped save his beloved golden retriever. Another ad that caught the attention of many viewers was the Hyundai Sonata commercial, in which the company highlighted its new Smart Park feature  and made fun of northern accents. When asked about his favorite commercial, Zach Tackett said  “I liked the one that made fun of simple expressions like “living under a rock.'”Sophomore Luke Tipton summed up what many viewers feel when he  said “the commercials are my favorite, and I love the Super Bowl, because it is a chance for great entertainment and great food.” Senior Nathan Maggard had a different opinion. He said “I do not really pay attention to the commercials, I usually do other things during the commercial times such as checking my phone or eating.”