Dance Blue Arrives at LCA

Dance Blue, an annual celebration “For The Kids,” came to LCA Friday January 17. Students were excited leading up to the fundraiser, some even earning special dress-down privileges for signing up early. The event, lasted five hours from 6pm – 11pm. During that time, all students divided into different teams, designated by colors. The teams competed in various activities for five hours straight, never sitting once. Activities included a team relay race, dodgeball, and even a dance-off. Sophomore Grayson Collins commented on the games, ” I liked them all, but my personal favorite was dodgeball. I felt like it best showed my skillset.” Dodgeball was a hit, to the face for those unlucky ones.

All the students learned a large set of dances to perform at the top of each hour “For The Kids.” The five hour fundraiser was $40 per person with all proceeds going to children’s cancer research. Matthew Maggard, 10, noted, “I thought the price was a little high, but once I found out where the money was going, I knew it was worth it.” Students were even treated to Moe’s grill and Krispy Kreme donut holes.

Overall everyone seemed to have a blast raising money for an amazing cause. It was LCA’s most successful Dance Blue ever with $37,675.74 being raised for children’s cancer research. Senior Trey Hood stated, “I’m just happy I got to be apart of the most successful Dance Blue in school history.” Dance Blue was a blast and it was all “For The Kids.”