Seniors Weigh in on Impeachment Trial


United States Senate

Chief Justice John Roberts presides over impeachment trial in the Senate.

The 2016 Presidential election was a very intense and important race. After a very crowded start, the race came down to Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. By surprise, Trump beat Clinton, despite all of the polls saying that he would lose. Many people were happy and excited for the future, but even though there was excitement about the election, there was also much anger and anxiety about what might come from Trump’s election.

Three years later, the Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives and have impeached President Trump. The charges have now been delivered to the Republican-controlled Senate, where a trial is taking place and senators will vote on whether or not Trump should be officially removed from office.

This trial is very important for America and has dominated news coverage and conversations among people across the country. LCA seniors have mixed feelings about the impeachment and the trial. Senior Alec Amburgey believes that the main reason the Democrats impeached Trump and are pushing for his removal from office is because they want to try to gain power and overturn the election they lost in 2016.  Amburgey thinks that what Trump did in asking the president of Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden (son of former Vice President Joe Biden, who is running for president)  may have been morally wrong, but he does not believe that Trump abused his power to get what he wanted. This is what the articles of impeachment accuse him of doing. Zeke Grier, 12, admitted that he has not kept up with the impeachment hearings or the trial, but he believes that Trump will not be removed from office because the Republicans have the majority in the Senate. Grier’s classmate Ben Philpot, 12, has been following the impeachment proceedings and is well informed about politics in general. He believes that the trial is getting repetitive because the Democrats keep arguing the same facts over and over again. He also does not think that the Democrats have really explained how what Trump did is an impeachable offense. He says many other presidents have done worse and not been investigated. Like Amburgey, Philpot thinks that what Trump did was wrong, but not illegal. Philpot does not think Trump should be removed from office. He also thinks that if Trump is not removed from office, it will help him in the 2020 election, because it will make the Democrats look bad.  It will show that they are attacking the democratic process when they are the ones who claim to be for democracy.